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Customers Hate Cold Food

Why Your Business Needs a New Delivery Solution

Let’s face it: there are only a few dishes that are actually best served cold—like revenge, sushi, or ice cream—so when customers are expecting a fresh, hot meal, they won’t be pleased if it’s served lukewarm.

At Deliver Warm, we’re working to provide the delivery solution that will keep every delivery warm, every single time. From our findings, here is everything you need to know about the relationship between cold food and customer retention.

Avoid Obstructive Reviews Like These!

Better Brand Reputation

Unhappy customers talk! Cold food isn’t just something to lament about, it’s a hot topic. Restaurants and cafes with consistently cold deliveries are notorious due to their poor repute. Needless to say, you do not want to be added to this list. Bad word of mouth spreads faster than wildfire and Deliver Warm offers the perfect solution. With our product, you can claim your space in the industry as a top-tier supplier that never compromises quality.

Businesses lose money when food is delivered cold

Customers that feel cheated request refunds. Unfortunately, since the food has been delivered, the customer can’t send it back to the kitchen to be remade, so there’s no way to rectify the situation other than to refund the customer’s money, resulting in a loss of profit.

Worst of all, cold food can make your business lose customers

As you know, the key to high levels of customer retention is ensuring your customers’ satisfaction, and cold food doesn’t satisfy customers. Not only is it unappealing, food that has fallen below the proper temperature can be legitimately unsafe to eat.

As a restaurant owner, it may not be your fault

As a restaurant owner, it may not be your fault—perhaps the delivery driver took the scenic route to the customer’s address or blasted the air conditioning on the food—but it’s your business that will receive the consequences.

ensure that each and every delivery is warm upon arrival and Maximize Customer Retention and Satisfaction

Kids Little Lunch Bundle

The world is their classroom, so feed them well. Our Little Lunch Bundle includes a 12 oz Kids Wide Mouth stainless steel bottle, a 12 oz Kids Insulated Food Jar and a durable, insulated Kids Lunch Box. Snack, food and drink stay fresh for hours, no matter how big the adventure.


  • Food Jar is Leakproof when closed
  • Bottle and Food Jar are dishwasher safe
  • BPA-Free
Bad Delivery Experience

Never let a cold delivery tarnish your restaurant's reputation again. With our innovative solutions, every dish reaches the customer as you intended: warm, fresh, and full of flavor, ensuring satisfaction with every bite.

The Restaurant will be Blamed

When a meal arrives less than perfect, the restaurant often takes the blame, even if external factors are at fault. Our solutions ensure that each dish maintains its warmth and quality, preserving the restaurant's reputation and customer satisfaction.

Warm Food delivery solution

Transform your food delivery with our Warm Food Delivery Solution. Ensure every meal arrives as it left the kitchen: hot, appetizing, and ready to delight. Elevate your restaurant's reputation and customer satisfaction with our innovative approach to preserving warmth and quality.

Customers feel cheated when deliveries arrive cold.

Depending on what establishment the customer orders from, having their meal or drink delivered to their home is usually far more expensive than picking up their order themselves. Not only are they paying for the food, they are paying an additional delivery fee and tip to the driver—even more charges apply when they order through a service like GrubHub or UberEats. Furthermore, customers may wait extended periods of time for their food to be delivered, and face other worrisome concerns such as incorrect orders. Why not actively alleviate your customer’s concerns and stresses towards the most reported issue with food delivery in the modern market? Cold Food.

We offer a surefire way to mitigate your customer’s complaints and achieve success on the digital food delivery marketplace. 

Risk-free with our 30-Day Cashback Guarantee.

Secure positive Reviews and customer loyalty

It’s unfortunate when you lose one customer due to cold food, but in today’s media-driven world, bad Google or Yelp reviews from that unhappy customer can result in huge business losses.

Ensure That Each and Every Delivery is Warm Upon Arrival. 

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